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COVID-19 Response

Updated: July 2021 

Camp Victory is making every effort to do our part to promote the health and safety of our guests, volunteers, campers and staff.    Our goal is to ensure our camper families that we are closely monitoring the CDC, State and local guidelines.  We will remain current on the latest information on how to mitigate and manage COVID-19.  Campers, Staff and Volunteers remain our highest priority. 

At this time, Camp Victory will be offering summer day and overnight camp in 2021.   Both Classic Day Camp and a Day Camp Plus programs are available.   Overnight Camp is available with 22 different specialty camps.  We are offering camp for seven weeks this year.  Sessons begin June 27 and run through August 13.   Classic Day Camp is for children entering K – 6th grade and Day Camp Plus is for youth entering grades 6 – 9.   Overnight Camp is for youth entering grades 3-9 grade.    Please visit the website for updated information. 

Dr. Joseph Furst, Camp Victory’s Administrative Doctor, has been with Camp Victory for fifteen years. “As part of the camp’s health care team, we are continually monitoring the CDC, State and local authorities for the latest information on the coronavirus.  Camp Victory employs registered nurses during the summer who are trained and prepared to deal with emergency care and the general health of our campers.  We are taking specific steps to ensure the safety of your campers and our staff during this time.  As a health care team, we regularly perform ongoing reviews of our procedures to ensure the safety of our campers and staff.”   

Camp Victory will use enhanced sanitization procedures to ensure increased disinfecting of high use and high touch areas.  Summer camp registrations are open.  We anticipate that summer camp will operate as normal and look forward to your campers joining us this summer. 

“In Him we were also chosen, having been predestined according to the plan of Him who works out everything in in conformity with the purpose of His will, in order that we who were the first to put our hope in Him might be to the praise of His glory.”  Ephesians 1:11-12 

We recognize that state and CDC guidelines may change and we will keep you up to date with those changes.  This page will be updated as appropriate.  Thank you for your understanding.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at (507) 843-2329. 

Below is how we will be proceeding with Day Camp & Overnight Camp in the 2021 season. 

Day Camps: 

Campers will once again be placed in family groups.  Counselor to camper ratios will vary based on camper age groups.  The CDC encourages us to be able to trace each family group or “cohort” in order to track contact and prevent groups from intermingling.  They believe this will reduce the chance of transmission from group to group.   That’s easy for us, we do that all the time!   Our program is structured so that each family group rotates to a different activity each period throughout the day.  An individual family group may go to archery first period, then laser tag, then mini zip line or the Black Hole.  Activity instructors will socially distance.  Campers will attend a fun chapel time full of singing, skits and a message from our speaker about how much God loves them.  Chapel typically occurs outdoors at our amphitheater that is large enough to allow groups to spread out preventing clumping and maintaining social distancing. 

Overnight Camp: 

Campers will be placed in cabin groups by age and sex.  Counselors to camper ratio will be one to six at all times.  The CDC encourages us to be able to trace each family group or “cohort” in order to track contact and prevent groups from intermingling.  They believe this will reduce the chance of transmission from group to group.  To achieve this with overnight camp, we will be rotating to each activity in cabin groups.  Campers from various cabins may come together for certain core activity periods, (camp specialty).  Our core activity instructors will socially distance along with the campers to ensure the best possible safety measures.  Chapel typically occurs outdoors at our amphitheater that is large enough to allow groups to spread out preventing clumping and maintaining social distancing. 


During meals, each family or cabin group will remain together yet spread out by table clusters in our large dining area.   If it is a beautiful day, family and cabin groups may choose to eat outdoors at a picnic table area that is large enough for each group to have their own table. Parents may send a bag lunch with their day camper or purchase lunches from the camp kitchen.   You must order online prior to attending.   

Camp will now be serving buffet style. Family and cabin groups will be dismissed by table to go through the cafeteria line keeping long lines to a minimum.  Campers will be encouraged to wash their hands and minimize movement in the dining hall.  The kitchen staff are trained in proper food safety and sanitation procedures.  We will be cleaning the dining hall each day thoroughly for the staff and campers. 

Day Camp & Overnight Camp Drop-Off & Pick-Up: 

Day Camp parents may choose to drop their child off at camp or utilize the camps free bus transportation to and from Rochester.  Upon arrival to the drop-off location, your camper will receive family group identification color.  We ask that only one guardian bring their child to the check in table.   We ask that each parent monitor their child’s current health status.  You will be asked to complete a health check-in form for your child.  If your campers temperature rises or they are not feeling well,  we ask for the benefit of all they remain home. After check in the camper will join their counselor who will be holding the designated color card.  (blue, green, red, etc….).    Buses and vans seats will be color coded.  Campers will be asked to sit with their family group in their designated rows.  Campers will know exactly where to go because the bus seats will have colored tape to identify their group’s assigned seats. 

Overnight Camp parents will drop off at camp starting in the dining hall.  Gates open at 6:00 pm and parents will check in starting at the dining hall.  Everyone is asked to maintain social distancing.   Check in includes several stations such as cabin assignments, visiting the camp nurse, pictures, camp store and lice check.  The final station is the cabin where campers and parents meet the counselor and choose a bunk.   Pick up will occur on Friday after closing ceremonies. 

Rainy Days:  NO PROBLEM! 

We have plenty of indoor space that each group will be assigned to.  Fun rainy-day programming for each individual family group will be held in either our large recreation hall, one of our multiple lodges, the day camp area, dining hall or large general meeting hall.  We can move activities indoors as needed to continue summer camp during inclement weather and make camp just as fun for each family group while maintaining social distancing. 

Safety Begins At Home: 

We will continue to monitor and work with the CDC and the State Health Department to follow their recommendations.  We will clean the facility and train our counselors to make sure they do everything in their power to keep your child safe.  You can do your part by decreasing your child’s interaction with others prior to attending camp, by educating your child about the need to wash their hands, the need to use sanitizer and to remain obedient to the counselors who are keeping them together as a family group.  We can all minimize the chance of spreading the virus at camp by following good hygiene. 

Please do not give your child fever reducing medication prior to coming to camp.  If your child shows symptoms, we will contact you and request that you pick them up from camp immediately.  Staff will have a health check every week and asked to self-quarantine if they show symptoms.  Campers & staff will not be required to wear masks.    

What to expect as guidelines for summer camp: 

  • Campers and staff separated by cohorts or groups to mitigate exposure 
  • Daily health check for day campers regarding your child’s exposure to communicable diseases in a previous period 
  • One guardian with day camper approaching the transportation vehicle to maximize social distancing 
  • Parents voluntarily limiting neighborhood interaction each evening to minimize potential exposure
  • Buses cleaned daily
  • Facilities cleaned throughout the day 
  • Activity equipment cleaned daily 

What to expect as guidelines for summer day camp:

  • One guardian with camper approaching the transportation vehicle to maximize social distancing
  • Parents voluntarily limiting neighborhood interaction each evening to minimize potential exposure
  • Buses cleaned daily
  • Facilities cleaned throughout the day and every evening


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