Camper Discipleship

Learn More About the Camper Discipleship Program

We LOVE getting to hang out with your kids during the summer. We love to be a part of the memories they create, offer fun activities, and inspire them to trust and treasure Jesus Christ. However, we hope that all of those things extend beyond the week or two that they spend here. That’s why we have the Camper Discipleship Program.

Some campers indicate to us that they would like to be involved in a local youth group. We have great relationships with local churches in the Southeast Minnesota area and we would love to help you and your family get connected to one. Listed below is a short quiz asking you some questions about the kind of community you may be looking for. The end result will be a local to you youth group that you can help your child get involved in.

Take Quiz here!

What exactly is youth group? Most youth groups run for one or two hours each week, and they do the same things we do at camp! Have snacks, play games, spend time together, and learn more about God. It’s a great way for your child to continue to grow in their faith and have a great community of people investing in them just like we do here at camp.

If you would like to do some research yourself, we have also listed links to the websites of churches that we have relationships with in the area. If you would like help getting you or your family connected to a local church, feel free to call our office or email our Director of Discipleship and Recruiting at