General Questions

Campers can expect all kinds of new adventures each and every day. Overnight campers will eat 3 meals a day, with all sorts of activities in between. Each day consists of 3 different activity periods: core zone, which is the activity based on your child’s choice of specialty camp, free zone, during which your child can choose between a handful of camp activities, and cabin zone, during which cabins will participate in activities as an entire group. Your child will also get to participate in two awesome chapel services, which include fun songs and captivating speakers who will share about Jesus Christ. Other parts of the day include time in the camp store, where they can grab themselves a snack or fun new Camp Victory gear, verse time, which is a cabin devotional time, and FOB, which stands for “Flat on Back” (rest time). And how could we not mention our infamous night games?! Your child won’t even have the chance to get bored! Day campers’ schedules include 4 activity periods, verse time, FOB, camp store time, and of course, lunch! Each day starts around 8:30 and ends at 4:30.

We have been told we have excellent food here at Camp Victory, and we have to say—we totally agree! We serve both hot food and a cold salad bar option. We can also cater to special diets, such as gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, etc. These special diets must be indicated on a camper’s registration form before the child arrives at camp.

Your child will be sleeping in one of our beautiful cabins! We offer both A-frame cabins and lodge cabins. Campers can room with friends—just be sure to put that request on your camper’s registration form. However, even if your camper isn’t rooming with friends, they are sure to make plenty of new friends in their cabins and activity groups! There are a lot of opportunities to meet people at camp!

At camp, our mission is to “inspire people to trust and treasure Jesus Christ” which is woven throughout all of our curriculum. Every camper participates in a verse time with their cabin or day camp group, during which they read the Bible and discuss Jesus, as facilitated by their counselor(s). We also have chapel time, during which campers will sing songs, watch skits, and hear from a speaker that all reflect the Gospel message. Day campers have one chapel time a day and overnight campers have two chapel times a day. Lastly, even though it isn’t listed on our schedule, our staff are trained and excited to talk to campers about Jesus during all parts of the day: activity times, rest times, on the way to meals, etc. We are always looking for ways to connect with campers and let them ask questions about God, faith or life. To see our faith statement, click here.

Yes! Parents may bring commercially prepared and packaged food to camp for their child’s special event.  Please bring enough food (preferably nut-free) to share with the entire cabin or day camp family group.

Great question! Safety is one of our top priorities here at camp, and we take many steps to ensure your children will be safe. We are an ACA accredited camp which means we have to maintain the top safety standards at all of our activity areas to ensure safety. At camp, our leadership staff and lifeguards are all First Aid and CPR certified. We also train each of our staff in safety measures to oversee your child’s wellbeing. Staff learn about emergency procedures, how to respond to bullying, proper child discipline, and more. We maintain a 1:6 staff to camper ratio to ensure that campers can be properly supervised. We also run annual background checks on all of our staff: both full-time and seasonal staff. Each person who is employed at Camp Victory undergoes a background check.

Our staff come from a multitude of places. Some connect with Camp Victory by looking up “Christian Summer Camps” online; we meet others at their college or church and invite them to consider working at camp. Each applicant undergoes an interview and at least 2 – 3 reference checks before being offered a position. Once they accept the position, we run a background check before they arrive at camp. Know someone who is interested in working at camp? Click here for more information!

Yes. We maintain a 1:6 ratio with our campers, even in our cabins. Our counselors are available to the campers 24:7 while at Camp Victory!

We value the importance of your child unplugging and not having any technology with them in the cabins. Because of this, we ask that your child leave their cell phones at home. If you would like to call and talk to your camper, you can call our office, and we will be happy to arrange a time that they can speak with you. We have come to find that in most cases, calling home can make a child even more homesick. You can also send your child an email during camp! We will print it off and deliver it to them. For more information on that, click here.

All campers will participate in a variety of activities both individually and as a cabin in their time at Camp Victory. For two hours each day, campers will be given a choice on a more specific way to spend their time. Previously known as Specialty Camps, our skills classes offer the great opportunity for a camper to grow in a skill that may or may not be specific to summer camp. Skills classes will be chosen by your camper upon the night of their arrival during their week of summer camp. However, there are a few skills classes taught by volunteers and experts that are offered during select weeks of the summer, like Fishing, Creative Arts, PI, and a few of our most popular previously offered specialties. Parents you can still sign up for these in our registration software, but these skills classes will only be offered during specific weeks.

Registration Questions

You will be able to register your camper(s) for camp by creating an online account for your family. Click the “Register Now” button on the right menu for a link to access or create your account. If you already have an account, you will be able to access it through that same link. If at all possible, use Google Chrome as your browser because it is the most compatible with our system.

Our system is not compatible with every internet browser and device. The best internet browser is Google Chrome. Other options include Firefox (31 or higher), Internet Explorer (10 or higher), Safari (5 or higher) and Opera (25 or higher). Please contact us if you continue to have problems at (507) 843-2329.

Click on the “forgot password” button and you will receive an email with a temporary password that will be sent to you overnight. If you are in the system and want to finish registering, please call us at (507) 843-2329 and we will be happy to reset your password for you.

Please follow the prompts given during the registration process.

Our system is formatted to fill your computer screen. Please make sure that your screen is fully expanded and scroll to the bottom of the page. Please call us at (507) 843-2329 if you are continuing to have issues.

No, you may list one guardian, but you must add at least one additional contact as the emergency contact for your camper.

Once a session of camp is full for a specific gender or grade, we will accept a limited number of waiting list reservations. After your camper is assigned to a waiting list and a spot opens up because another camper cancels or transfers sessions, we will contact you about moving to registered status.

You may log into your account at any time and make changes to most of your information for you and your camper(s). If you are unable to make a desired change, please contact us at registrar@campvictory.com or (507) 843-2329.

We recommend $25 – $40 for overnight camp, $15 – $30 for day camp. You are able to add money as needed on your camper’s dashboard.

Yes. Once your campers are enrolled, go to the payment screen. You will have the option to pay for all of your campers in one transaction.

We are planning a summer program full of fun and excitement where your child will grow in their faith and develop long lasting friendships. Our day and overnight activities are adventurous and challenging and will enrich your child’s life experiences. Our program and facilities are best suited for children who meet the following essential functions (listed below). If, after reviewing our program essential functions and you have questions about your child’s ability to participate, please feel free to contact our office at (507) 843-2329.

Camp Victory Program Essential Functions

Your child should be able to meet their personal needs such as:

  • Toileting
  • Changing into and out of swimsuit
  • Showering independently
  • Dressing themselves each morning
  • Walk unassisted to and from activities
  • Live cooperatively in a community setting
  • Stay away from home for an extended period of time
  • Function in an active and physically challenging environment
  • Move independently from place to place (minimum counselor/camper ratio is 1 to 6)
  • Effectively interact in a group based on program content
  • Maintain their own diet management plan
  • Visit the camp nurse as required and have knowledge of their personal medication needs
  • Understand and communicate personal needs to their counselor
  • Follow instructions to comply with the camp’s safety expectations
  • Agree to the Camper Code of Conduct (available on website)

Emotional & Psychological Health

Camp Victory is not a program that is rehabilitative or therapeutic in nature. We do not specialize in serving children with special needs, including children with severe emotional, social or behavioral difficulties.

  • Our program is not suited for children diagnosed with severe depression or bipolar disorder
  • Our program is not suited for children diagnosed with OCD or panic/anxiety disorder
  • Children being seen professionally for mental and emotional needs may not be suited for our programs
  • Our program is not suited for children with severe Asperger’s syndrome and autism

We appreciate the opportunity to work with you in order to determine if Camp Victory is appropriate to meet the needs of your child.

We ask that all medications stay at our nurse’s station at camp. Prior to camp, we will ask you to fill out an online medical form for your camper and add any daily/regular medications with dosage instructions to your camper’s account. At check-in, we will have a station to drop off medications. Exceptions may include emergency inhalers and EpiPens. Be sure to have medications in original bottles from the pharmacy in a ziploc bag with your campers name on it. We cannot accept any medicines that are in weekly pill boxes or in individual baggies. Please contact us for information at (507) 843-2329 or info@campvictory.com.

We have air conditioned and heated cabins. There are bathrooms and showers in all cabins and lodges. Campers sleep on bunk beds. Girls and boys are in separate cabins.

1:6 for overnight camp and 1:10 for day camp.

The camp gate will open for check-in on Sunday evening at 6:00 PM. Parents are invited to the closing program on Friday at 4:30 PM.

Camp Victory has one rule. RESPECT. That’s really the only rule. All other rules fall under the heading of respect.
• For God
• For others
• For yourself
• For property

When dealing with discipline: Camp Victory staff are trained to be “Fair, Firm and Friendly”. The counselor will be the first individual to deal with camper behavior problems. If a camper continues negative behavior, the counselor will notify his/her head counselor for assistance. If negative behavior continues, the camp director will be notified, and parents will receive a phone call after the camp director speaks with the camper. The camp will contact you if your child is unwilling to change his/her behavior, shows a pattern of disobedience, exhibits violent, disruptive behavior or is assaulting (i.e. physically or verbally) other campers. Campers who are dismissed from camp programs for behavioral problems will receive no refund.

Yes! If you’d like to spend time at camp while your child is here, we highly recommend volunteering. There are many volunteer opportunities available from a few hours, all day or even all week. It’s a great way to see your child enjoying camp and you’ll get to experience it right along with him/her. Click Here for more information.

Yes, partial scholarships are available on the basis of financial need. Click here for more information.

Camp Victory is located at 58212 403rd Ave, Zumbro Falls, MN 55991.

In the event of sickness, Camp Victory will admit a camper into the Health Center. Since no one likes to be sick at camp, we contact parents after monitoring a camper for 2 hours to begin discussing your child’s situation.

Homesickness is a very natural event and is experienced by most people at some point in their development. In some cases, it is more severe than others and can create very real anxiety. However, for most campers it is a minor incident that a camper experiences in his/her transition from home to camp. If the staff cannot encourage your camper to make the appropriate adjustment using established written guidelines, the camp will contact you for consultation. Campers who go home early due to homesickness do not receive a refund.

We rely on email to communicate important information with you, including registration confirmation, invoices, reminders, notification, etc. Please make sure your primary email in your account is up to date. We will begin to send you important updates and reminders in the spring before camp session begins.

All articles, including shoes and athletic equipment, should be marked with the camper’s name. Please refrain from bringing expensive clothes to camp. The camp is not responsible for lost or stolen articles. A Lost & Found table will be by the camp store after each session. All lost items are held after camp for 4 weeks and articles are then donated to a worthy cause. Please email camp at info@campvictory.com or call (507) 843-2329.

At Camp Victory we are all about life-changing encounters! We want every camper to have the time of their life when they come to Camp Victory. From staff training to every activity we put the highest priority on the safety of your camper. Life-changing encounters will come through caring relationships at Camp Victory as well. Every camper is cared for by the best counselors and staff available. Our counselors and summer staff are hand-picked from colleges and through references of alumni staff. Your camper will build friendships that may last a lifetime! Most importantly, Camp Victory wants every camper to learn and grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ.

Since 1943, Camp Victory has been providing a quality and purposed Christian summer camp experience. Camp Victory is nestled in 200 forested acres, among the ridges and ripples of the Zumbro River valley, just 20 minutes north of Rochester, MN. Experience the great outdoors with the comfort of quality facilities.

Please call the office at (507) 843-2329 to make arrangements for early pick up. We ask that you first come to the camp office to check them out. Please remember to bring your photo ID when picking up your camper.


Camp would not be able to run without the support of our community, friends, and Camp Victory family! Every little bit helps, so consider giving today!