Pursued Women’s

Conference Details

Pursued: How love & sexuality reveal God’s heart : God created love and sexuality. It was His idea, His design. But when we look at a culture that has compromised so much sexual integrity, it’s hard to believe we can reclaim its intended sacredness. Over the weekend, we will be exploring why God created sexuality, what it reveals about the gospel, and how to transform our culture with the beauty of God’s good design. It is our hope that, no matter where you are at in your life journey, you will leave equipped and encouraged to passionately pursue God as you fall deeper in love with the God who pursues you!

  • Date: Saturday, February 17th 8:00am-5:00pm
  • Conference Event: $45
  • With student discount: $35
  • Breakfast and Lunch : $11 each
  • Moms: sign up and bring your daughters (16+) for $25
  • Friday night lodging available.

To see a detailed schedule of the event and to learn more about our speakers, check out https://acrossmyheartministries.com/pursued/