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Zumbro River Community Festival Cancelled,

but Free Drive-in Fireworks on June 27

For the past few weeks, we have tried to determine how we can best offer our friends and families a sense of family cohesion and fun with the Zumbro River Community Festival and still maintain the guidelines imposed by the state of MN Health Department and the State of MN.

While it was a difficult decision, our team decided to cancel the June 22nd festival as we have known it for the past 11 years because we care about your safety and well-being. Congregating in large groups is not permitted and we did not wish to place anyone in jeopardy of COVID-19 nor would we go against state regulations for social distancing and gatherings.

Although we won’t be gathering in large crowds, Camp Victory will be offering the best ever Fireworks Gala. Those of you who have attended the festival fireworks in previous years know what an incredible and “second to none” display this is.

The fireworks will be free but a free will donation will be gratefully accepted and appreciated. All donations will go toward summer day camp scholarships for those who would otherwise not be able to afford to attend camp this summer.

Here is the deal. Our biggest priority is the safety of our staff and guests while still offering the best ever fireworks. We know many of you feel confined and stifled in what you can do during this pandemic and so we are offering a great alternative to staying at home. On Saturday, June 27th we will offer to the public a drive-in fireworks show.

Here is how it will work. Your safe haven will be your vehicle. You must stay within the confines of the vehicle you arrive in; no wandering around, no congregating, no playing Frisbee, nothing that goes outside the perimeter of your vehicle. While we prefer you stay in your vehicle if possible you will have a blanket’s piece of real estate in front of your vehicle from which you can view the fireworks display in lawn chairs or on the blanket. You MUST maintain the 6’ social distancing at all times outside your family unit. This will be strictly enforced.

Out of courtesy, safety, and respect for all who will be attending the fireworks show, we will ask all vehicles to stay until the conclusion. We will have a very efficient and orderly process in place for getting you on the road and back to your homes.

We will have parking attendants to assist with your vehicle parking and a security crew to insure your safety. We are excited to be able to offer this extraordinary opportunity, but its success is truly dependent on each of our guests abiding by the rules of social distancing.  We simply MUST do this for a successful fireworks event.

Schedule for Saturday, June 27:

8:30 PM – gates open (free will offering accepted and appreciated)

10:00 PM – fireworks show begins

10:35 PM – fireworks show ends


So, we are offering you a free and outstanding fireworks show in exchange for you and your vehicle occupants:

  1. To social distance yourselves (vehicle unit) from others
  2. To remain for the duration of the fireworks show (i.e. NO early departures!!!)
  3. To please bring ALL your trash back home with you and deposit into your own trash bins


Please be safe, stay healthy, and come to the Camp Victory fireworks show on Saturday, June 27th!

We are grateful to our wonderful sponsors who made this show possible:

Premier Sponsor Jason and Tiffany Carey 

Media Sponsor KNXR-FM 97.5

Silver Sponsors:

Home Run Home Inspections

High Plains Cooperative

Harris Companies

Premier Banks